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Best RV Covers Ever!
Hi Guys:
Last month I bought a Goldline Class A 36-38 RV cover over the internet from NRV for our Country Coach Motorhome in East Tennessee. Just wanted you to know that I'm thrilled with the quality and design of your cover. It's the best I've ever owned, by far. I've previously used several Tyvek covers for our coaches. They don't begin to compare with yours and none of them lasted more than two years... and only that long with loads of duct tape and patches.

At first, I wondered about the individual strap-downs you provide. But, I now understand that's a much better system than fixed-position tie-downs. You can move your tie-downs to areas where they are needed most. Good idea!

We just moved to Tennessee after 25 years in Los Angeles. Your cover has already survived howling winds, torrential rain and near 100 degree heat. And that's only the first month. Yikes. My last Adco cover shredded in similar high winds. Hmmm, think I'll check out your boat covers at season's end.

Thanks. Don't mean to be a pest. Just thought you'd appreciate a little feedback.

All the best,
Kingston, TN

Quick and easy!
My buddy turned me on to you guys. I purchased about a year ago still looks and acts as new. This is one of the best things I have bought in a long time. It is just so durable that I don't ever think it will give out. I would recommend a Goldline cover to anyone who has the chance to get one. Thank you so much for a great product.

Jon T.
Most Satisfied.
I am most satisfied thus far with this product.
Great products and service from National RV Covers. I had no problems what so ever getting and putting on my cover. I don't think you can beat its durability and resistance to weather. I love my cover and hope to get one for my travel trailer as well.

Bill Schwarts
Salt Lake City, Utah

It fits great!
The water resistance is great for where I am located. I live in Washington and it rains so much. The way the material breathes is great because I have had no mold what so ever. Great Cover!

Mike C.

Greatest rv cover I've ever owned
After receiving my cover it was very hard and awkward to make it fit. But with the great customer service from national rv covers they talked me right through it and in a matter of minutes my RV was securely covered and ready for the off season.

Abraham Jackson
Seattle, Washington

Nice custom rv cover, fits like a glove, good quality.
My semi-custom cover is absolutely the best cover I have ever bought for my RV. The zippered panels that allow you to get in and out of the RV while it is covered is perfect since I use my RV for storage when it is not in use. I have been through a couple covers before purchasing a Goldline Class A cover and nothing even comes close to its durability. I recommend getting one as soon as possible.

Marcus Brown
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Cover is nice
The friendly staff at National RV Covers made my choice easy in selecting the perfect cover for my RV. I cannot thank you enough for the great product you have provided me with. Thank you so much.

Melissa Gates
San Diego, California
The cover is well worth the money
I could not be any more satisfied with my RV cover I purchased from National RV Covers. They helped me understand how important it is to have a sound cover that will protect my investment and provided me with the perfect cover to with stand the harsh weather it goes through. Thank you National RV it is greatly appreciated.

Joshua Barnes
Lake Oswego, Oregon

Superb value rv cover
I found the cover that I purchased to be much as I expected. The quality was very good. I liked the tight fit corners. Ordering was easy and delivery was fast.

Jake Brown

Best RV Cover I ever Purchased!
Great, strong material and construction. Nice drawstring bag of the same material. My father was very happy.


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