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RV Covers can be installed without climbing on the roof of your RV by utilizing stepladders. Depending on the vehicle, you may be able to save time by climbing on the roof. Below you will find a description of the process as told by one of our customers. NDC takes no responsibility for the liability involved in climbing on the roof. Please note that extreme caution should be taken when climbing on top of your RV. RV Cover installation gets easier with practice. Most full size coaches can be covered and secured in under 10 minutes.


Step 1: Place the Cover at the rear of the RV next to the ladder. Find the front of the cover on the ground.

Step 2: Lower all antennas. PAD ALL SHARP EDGES, SHARP CORNERS and all protruding objects that sticks out of your RV (mirrors, bumpers, A/C units, etc.). Pad anything that could snag or tear a hole in the cover. Remove the antenna if possible.

Step 3: Pull the front of the cover up with you as you climb up the ladder.. Once on top of the RV, pull as much as you can towards the top, creating a pile of cover next to your feet. Once the pile gets big enough, stretch it towards the front of the RV.

Step 4: Once a strip of cover is created, start at the front by pacing the cover over the corners, working your way towards the back, allowing the cover to drape over the sides of the RV.

Step 5: Once you are at the rear of the RV, place the cover over the corner (opposite of the ladder). Climb down the ladder pulling the cover down with you. Put ladder cap (if needed) in place prior to covering the rear bumper.

Step 6: Once you are on the ground, start adjusting the cover all the way around the RV First secure the rear corners under the RV and make your way around the front to do the same with the front corners.


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