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Protect Your Investment: The Importance of Tire Covers


Think of your RV as your vacation home. Your home away from home. Your RV is your portal on wheels to lands unknown and endless adventures. Buying an RV is a significant investment, and maintaining the integrity of your RV is a continual process.

One of the most important investments on your RV are the wheels, and you need to make sure you protect them by investing in wheel covers. The average cost of a Class A RV tire is $300, and with four wheels moving your RV down the road, new wheels can costs upwards of $1200 total.

How To Extend The Life of the RV Tire

With a low cost investment of RV tire covers, you can minimize the amount of heat that penetrates the tires, extending the life of your RV tires by years.

There are three environmental tire killers: UV rays, ozone, and high temperatures. Exposing tires to heat and sun without protecting them can cut your RV tire lifespan in half. Sunlight damages tires by breaking down rubber molecules, making the rubber brittle and causing cracks to form. The Ozone & UV directly attacks the surface of the tire making it crack when flexed.

A tire age doubles with every 18°F increase in temperature. An experiment was performed to measure the temperature of a tire in full sun when inside a white or tan tire cover versus the temperature of an uncovered tire. The covered tire registered 99 degrees Fahrenheit. The tire cover was removed and half an hour later, the temperature of the tire was a whopping 136 degrees.

Protecting your tires from the heat is of utmost importance, but tire covers also help protect against the harsh weather and cold temperatures. Tire covers will help reduce premature cracking on your RV tire sidewalls.


Which Tire Cover To Buy

With so many choices in tire covers available, how do you know which one to buy? Here are a few important things to keep in mind:

  •  Buy your tire cover in the colors white or tan: avoid buying grey or black tire covers because they will cook the tires
  •  Check that your cover is mildew and UV resistant
  •  For simple installation, get a cover with an elasticized installation
  •  Make sure it has a warranty

What About Covering That Spare Tire?

Do not forget your spare tire covers! The spare tire is just as exposed to the elements as the other tires. You don’t want to find yourself out on the road enjoying your latest adventure when you experience a tire blowout only to find your spare tire is cracked from the sun, rendering it unusable. Buy a spare tire cover that is easy to slip on and made with heavy-duty material.

How To Measure for RV Tire Covers?

Measuring for tire covers is quick and easy. Look for the tire code on the sidewall of the RV tire and use that number to match to the tire covers. If you can’t find the tire code, simply measure the tire from tread to tread across the rim.

Eevelle, the leading manufacturer of RV covers, sells high quality wheel covers at a great price. A set of four covers starts at $41.99. That is a small price to pay to extend the life of your expensive RV tires.

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