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S2 Expedition Class A RV Covers - Fits 34' Long



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  • Accommodates:
  • Air Conditioners
  • Extra tall sides
  • All types of front ends
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Product includes:
NEW! Endurance™ Roof Straps
NEW! Endurance™ Roof Straps

Sidewall Support System

  • Installs in seconds
  • Takes stress off roof seams and fabric
  • Prolongs life of cover
FREE Executive Duffle Storage Bag
FREE Executive Duffle Storage Bag

S2 Bag
Expedition S2 Cover Storage Duffle Bag

  • Matching storage duffle bag
  • Branded with Expedition S2 logo
  • Quick and easy storage for your cover
FREE Strap Kit and Toss Bag
FREE Strap Kit and Toss Bag


Hi-Tech Integrated Strap System


  • Oversized full height tension flags
  • 2" heavy duty strap and buckle
  • Landscape pull technology tension flags
  • Marine grade web straps
  • Quick release buckles
  • FREE toss bag included
FREE Ladder Cap and Patch Kit
FREE Ladder Cap and Patch Kit

FREE Ladder Cap and Patch Kit

  • Protect cover from ladder stress and wear
  • Use patch kit to repair/reinforce wear areas
Fits 34' Long Class A RV
Standard - 414" L x 105" W x 120" H
In Stock
In Stock
In Stock
In Stock
Product Extras
RV Gutter Spout Protector
RV Gutter Spout Protector

The RVGutter Spout Protector completely blocks the destructive effects of gutter spouts, so you can say goodbye to inferior home remedies forever!

  • Fully Protects Your RV Cover From Gutter Spout Damage
  • Conveniently Installs in Minutes From Your RV Rooftop
  • Say Goodbye to Inferior Home Remedies Forever
  • No Need to Balance on a Ladder
  • Easy Installation & Removal
  • Stays In Place By Itself


  • Marinex™ Marine Grade Waterproof Fabric Roof with Endurance Roof Straps ™
  • Heavier Duty Side Wall Panel Construction
  • Durapel UV Agents for Extended Long Life
  • Extended Fabric Roof Protects Top Corners
  • Sewn in Dual Flow Vortex Vents
  • XT Zippered Panels for All Entry Points
  • Non-Scratch Zipper Protection Sleeves
  • Adjustable Full Length Tension Panels Front and Rear
  • Heavy Duty Reinforced Corners
  • Integrated Landscape Pull Technology Security Flags
  • Anti-Hit Safety Reflective Panels


  • 3 Year Warranty
  • S2 Expedition Executive Duffle Bag
  • Integrated Strap System and Toss Bag
  • Ladder Cap
  • Reinforcement Patch



customer photos


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  • Accommodates:
  • Air Conditioners
  • Extra tall sides
  • All types of front ends


Eevelle S2 Expedition RV Cover Brand


The S2 Expedition is the next generation of RV covers that combines technical enhancements with sleek, cutting edge design. This superior cover is loaded with many desirable features, including a woven marine grade fabric roof, large EZ fit flags on front and rear, quick release web strap system for easy installation, and heavy duty full height access zippers all the way around the cover.

S2 covers come with Endurance Roof Straps™. This innovative new feature prolongs the life of the roof by supporting the weight of the sidewalls. To learn more about Endurance Roof Straps click here.

S2 Expedition Fabric Specs:

The rooftop of the S2 Expedition is crafted from true loom-woven polyester. It is coated with a Durapel rain finish as well as a UV inhibitor and anti-microbial finish to make it UV and mildew resistant. The sides of the cover are made from heavy gauge polypropylene that help to minimize weight while maintaining a highly durable covering.The rooftop is incredibly strong yet flexible and breathable, providing protection for your RV for many years to come.

S2 Expedition RV Covers feature:

  • Marine grade woven fabric rooftop for maximum water resistance
  • Full height front and rear tension flags for an easy fitting sleek look
  • Full height zippers around the entire cover to allow access to any part of the vehicle (*Not available on Pop Up covers)
  • Treated with UV Sun Inhibitor for maximum sunlight protection
  • Micro-porous film allows superior breathability to prevent rot and mildew
  • Heavy duty reinforced corners with sewn in shock cord hem
  • Quick-release buckles for fast and easy installation and removal
  • Multipoint strap system for snug fit and added security against high winds
  • 2 FT increment sizing helps ensure a snug custom fit
  • Anti-hit reflective panels on tension flags provide added safety at night
  • UPF rating: Excellent - blocks 99% of UVA and UVB rays

S2 Expedition In House Employee Review

Okay! Here's our in-house review of the popular S2 Expedition cover that we tried on a Winnebago Class A. We noticed right away that the S2 pays attention to details from the quick-release buckle straps to the full height zippers, making access and installation all that much easier. We also found that the side wall fabric felt much stronger than the regular Expedition. We asked the manufacturer about this and they confirmed that they did increase the thickness of the material on the side walls. This model also has zippers all the way around the cover to access any area of the vehicle. The waterproof roof also has a lot more coverage coming down on the sides compared to the regular Expedition. All in all this is a true upgrade from the original and this cover will work better for you in the long run. Good price - great cover!

                                                                      -Happy Shopping from The NDC Team

Product Details:

  • Measurement Details: 414" L x 105" W x 120" H
    (*Overall length measurement should include bumper, ladder and spare tire)
  • Weight of Cover: 49 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • S2 Expedition covers accommodate typical RV features and accessories, including A/C units, awnings, mirrors and ladders

Every S2 Expedition RV Cover includes:

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • S2 Expedition executive duffle bag
  • Sizing straps to provide a snug, semi-custom fit and minimize wind flap
Average Customer Rating4.9
Zippers and All! - Verified Buyer
I was impressed with the quality of the S2 cover but also with the follow-up to my order regarding the shipping and tracking emails etc. Well handled.
Love the Fit of the S2 - Verified Buyer
Good information on all the RV cover options but I went with the S2 because of the adjustable front tension panels. I love the custom-like fit.
S2 Worth the Money - Verified Buyer
So far it has been easy to place an order and the product appears to be good quality at a great price. This was a great shopping experience. Website easy to navigate, charges on credit card were correct and delivery was on time. Highly recommend this website. Trailer cover is outstanding! Very satisfied. Will now purchase tire covers!
It Fits Great! - Verified Buyer
Very happy with the quality and product. Received promptly and it fits snugly.
Good Communication...... - Verified Buyer
Very pleased with S2 product after a nice chat with customer service about what the right cover for my RV would be.
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