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Measuring For Your RV Cover 

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Do I really need to measure my RV to buy a cover, you may ask yourself. The answer is yes. The best way to make sure your cover fits properly is to physically measure your RV. Even if you know the make and model, the manufacturer specifications are often different than what you really have. It's always a good idea that you physically go and measure due to extended bumpers, ladders, spare tires, etc. Do not include the propane tanks or front hitch on trailers in measurements.



Measuring for and RV cover is a refreshing exercise in old school ways. There are no computers or smart phones necessary. Simply get out your tape measure and a pen and paper and you will be on your way to finding the perfect cover for your RV.

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Step 1: Measure Your RV From Bumper to Bumper

Measure the length of the RV from bumper to bumper. If anything sticks out past the bumpers, make note of what it is and how far it sticks out (for instance: a ladder sticks out past the back bumper by 8.5 inches, spare tire on back bumper – 18 inches, etc). Do not include the hitches in your measurements.

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Step 2: Measure the Height of Your RV

When measuring the height of the RV, measure from the top of the outside roof to the bottom of the frame. Do not measure all the way to the ground. Do not include the air conditioner because all of our RV covers are made to accommodate AC units.

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Step 3: Measure the Width of Your RV

Measure the width of the RV from side to side.

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What About Awnings and Mirrors?

All of our covers are meant to accommodate typical RV awnings. Mirrors should be folded in to the vehicle when installing a cover. The cover will typically have enough fabric to cover the mirrors - even if they do not fold in.

The RV Cover should be a little loose when you put it on. This will make for a much easier install. Once in place the cover can be tightened and secured with straps.

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