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Expedition Fifth Wheel Trailer Covers - Fits 37' Long

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Product Photos

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  • Accommodates:
  • Air Conditioners
  • Extra tall sides
  • All types of front ends
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Product includes:
30 Day Fit Guarantee
30 Day Fit Guarantee
30 DAY FIT BOAT COVER GAURANTEE                   We are the Fit Experts 
30 Day fit gaurantee - Shop with confidence
FREE Expedition Storage Bag
FREE Expedition Storage Bag

Expedition Cover Storage Bag

  • Matching storage bag
  • Branded with Expedition logo
  • Quick and easy storage for your cover
FREE Strap Kit and Toss Bag
FREE Strap Kit and Toss Bag

Easy to use integrated strap system


  • Sewn in tension flags
  • Heavy duty mesh straps
  • Quick release buckles


  • Quick release buckles sewn into hem
  • Marine grade web straps
  • Includes (6) 120” belly straps
FREE Ladder Cap and Patch Kit
FREE Ladder Cap and Patch Kit

FREE Ladder Cap and Patch Kit

  • Protect cover from ladder stress and wear
  • Use patch kit to repair/reinforce wear areas
Fits 37' Long Fifth Wheel Trailer
498" L x 102" W x 120" H
In Stock
In Stock
Product Extras
RV Strap Kit (6 Pack)
RV Strap Kit (6 Pack)

New Eevelle Straps

The 6 pack of XT Pro Straps are durable and weather resistant
– perfect for securing your RV cover!

  • (6) 120" Long RV Straps
  • Heavy Duty 1" Poly Webbing Male Buckles
  • Durable and Weather Resistant
  • Perfect for RV Cover Reinforcement 
RV Gutter Spout Protectors
RV Gutter Spout Protectors

  • SET OF 4 Individual Protectors
  • FULLY Protects your RV Cover from Gutter Spout Damage
  • EASY to put on and off, in just seconds
  • Stays in Place by Itself
  • Say Goodbye to Inferior Home Remedies Forever


  • Waterproof "Marinex" Boat Cover Fabric Rooftop
  • Woven Roof Material Outperforms Plastic Tyvek Tops
  • Marinex Blocks 99% of Harmful UV Rays
  • Extended Fabric Roof Protects Top Corners
  • Sewn in Dual Flow Vortex Vents Reduce Heat and Moisture
  • Durapel UV Agent added for Extended Fabric Life
  • Zippered Panels for Easy Access to Entry Points
  • Adjustable Front Tension Panels for Snug Fit
  • Heavy Duty Reinforced Elasticized Corners
  • Marine Grade XT Strapping and Quick Release buckles
  • Anti-Hit Safety Reflective Panels


  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Adjustable Front and Rear Tension Panels
  • Protective Ladder Cap and Patch Kit
  • Strap Kit and Toss Bag
  • Matching Expedition Storage Duffle Bag

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  • Accommodates:
  • Air Conditioners
  • Extra tall sides
  • All types of front ends


Eevelle Expedition Best Selling RV Cover Brand


Expedition Series RV covers are designed for durability to protect your investment from the harshest weather conditions. Every one of our covers is crafted and manufactured to perform season after season for many years to come. Innovative features and fabrics make it truly the best value in protective coverings for your RV.

Marinex Boat Cover Fabric Roof

NEW! - Expedition now features MARINEX Marine Grade Waterproof Roof made of woven boat cover fabric for improved performance and longer life. Marinex boat cover material outperforms plastic Tyvek tops in terms of breathability and longevity. Every RV owner knows that moisture can do major damage to an RV. With the Marinex top you get great protection from rain, dirt, UV rays, heat etc, and you get superior breathability. This means that if your RV starts to build up moisture under the cover it can evaporate and escape. This is not always the case with heavily coated, polypropylene or plastic based covers. Trapped moisture typically leads to mildew, mold and rot, causing major damage.

Marinex fabric was developed specifically for the marine outdoor cover environment, has withstood rigorous stress testing and meets strict quality guidelines. This makes it an ideal choice for the rooftop material on an RV cover. A perfect blend of waterproof, breathable and durable, Marinex will give you the protection and performance you need for the most critical part of your cover - the roof. Marinex is engineered to outperform any polypropylene or plastic roof material.

Marinex fabric has been tested in an independent lab according to ASTM standards and is rated as "Excellent" in UV-Protection. Marinex blocks 98.5% of UV-A and 99.8% of UV-B rays which can cause significant damage to your RV. Warp and Weft tensile strength are also tested according to ASTM standards to ensure that the fabric doesn't fail at high stress wearpoints, and can withstand the weight of the sides of the cover pulling downward in extreme weather conditions such as wet and wind.

Expedition RV Covers feature

  1. Marine grade boat cover fabric rooftop for maximum water resistance and durability
  2. Treated with Durapel UV Sun Inhibitor for maximum sunlight protection of the fabric and maximum UV protection for your RV
  3. Woven rooftop material allows for superior breathability compared to plastic and polypropylene tops to prevent rot and mildew
  4. Sewn in dual flow vortex vents help to prevent billowing and promote air circulation
  5. Zippered panels around the entire cover to allow access to any part of the vehicle
  6. Adjustable front tension panels to remove unwanted slack
  7. Reinforced corners add durability and longevity
  8. Marine grade XT strapping and quick release buckles
  9. Front and rear elastic hems ensure a snug custom fit
  10. Protective ladder cap and patch kit included
  11. Anti-hit reflective panels for added safety at night
  12. 3 Year Warranty
  13. Color: Gray

Product Details:

  • Measurement Details: 498" L x 102" W x 120" H
    (*Overall length measurement should include bumper, ladder and spare tire)
  • Weight of Cover: 46 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 Years

Other Information:

  • Sewn in vents help to prevent wind billowing
  • Zippered panels allow easy access to all entry points
  • Adjustable front tension panels to remove unwanted slack
  • Reinforced corners for a high quality fit
  • Marine grade strap kit with quick release buckles and toss bag
  • Front and rear elastic hems ensure a snug custom fit
  • Anti-hit reflective panels for added safety at night
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Color: Gray


We tried the Expedition cover on several different RVs and confirmed that the material feels just as nice and strong as the manufacturer claims. (Much nicer than covers with the plastic top) The fit is very snug and it's easy to get the cover tight using the strap system at the front. It's also convenient to have zippers around the cover that allow easy access in and out of the RV without ever having to take the cover off. We used to carry other covers that are not as strong but the Expedition really is a great cover for the price!

-Happy Shopping from The NDC Team

Average Customer Rating4.7
Great RV Cover - Verified Buyer
Expedition cover arrived quickly. Appears to be good quality
stephen, OR
Great product - Verified Buyer
Good quality cover.
Paul, FL
Wonderful! - Verified Buyer
The expedition cover I wanted at a good price
Robert, FL
Back Again - Verified Buyer
This is my second expedition cover, I am happy with the product. Has held up extremely well year round for the last several years.
Sharon, CA
Love the Fit - Verified Buyer
The expedition cover fits great. The cover has already gone through a couple of storms and is holding up awesome.
Just, FL
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