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RV Wheel Chocks

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Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks

Heavy Duty RV Wheel Chocks Specifications:

  • Set of 2 blue removable RV wheel chocks
  • Molded from heavy-duty polypropylene plastic
  • Includes durable nylon rope for easy placement and removal of chocks
  • Ribbed surface helps grip the tire
  • For tires up to 26 inches

Heavy Duty RV Wheel Chocks Includes:

  • Set of 2 Blue Removable RV Wheel Chocks
  • Durable Nylon Rope


Safety is paramount when large motor vehicles are parked. To prevent accidents from happening while parking your RV, trailer, or truck, or car, it is important to use wheel chocks for RVs. Eevelle’s heavy-duty RV wheel chocks are designed to keep your vehicle in place so you can re-hitch with ease and confidence. The built in traction grippers create maximum friction between the tire and parking surface. The attached rope is a bonus feature providing easy placement and removal. Wheel chocks are a must-have addition to any outdoor recreational vehicle.


  • Stop vehicle. Put in park and set parking brake. Place RV wheel chocks in front of and behind all wheels. Push firmly into place.
  • Always use parking brake if available
  • Not for use with tires over 26”
  • Not for use with commercial vehicles
  • Store out of sunlight in a dry place
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