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Coachmen RV Covers

Coachmen RV, Trailer and Camper Covers at National RV Covers

Need an Coachmen RV Cover? National RV Covers has you... covered. We are your best source for Coachmen covers for RVs, campers and trailers! Our covers are built for durability and fit and come in a wide variety of styles. Ensure your Coachmen lasts for years to come by protecting it with the perfect cover.

Please call us if you need help selecting your Coachmen RV cover, trailer cover or camper cover. Our US-based team of Coachmen cover experts is always happy to help! You can contact National Covers at: 800-616-0599.


Coachmen RV Covers

We carry a wide variety of high quality, durable Coachmen covers for RVs, campers and trailers. Select a cover category to shop our selection.

Coachmen Facts

Founded in 1964, Coachmen developed a rich, diverse presence in the recreational vehicle and unit marketplace. Originally constructing travel trailers and truck campers for the vacationing customer, Coachmen would soon add motorhomes to their product array. In recent years, the product assortment for Coachmen provides something for nearly all vacationers from simple deployable camping trailers to over 40-foot class A motorhomes. Since 2008, Coachmen has existed as a division of Forest River Incorporated.


Coachmen Info

Coachmen RV is built upon a simple principle: Dedicated to the enrichment of your life. By providing you with long term value through all that they do, their focus is on providing a product with superior value and backing it through superior service and support. Once you become a Coachmen owner, they are committed to enhancing your Coachmen RV ownership and lifestyle experience... creating friends for life and memories that will last a lifetime.At Coachmen you will find a rich history of commitment from their Team Members. This commitment extends to their owners and in the pride they have for their brand. The close relationship that they share with their owners and their dealers is a quality that others have been trying to mimic over their 56 year history. their goals and principles remainwell in focus.

Popular Coachmen Models


Concord Series
M-275 DS-Ford
M-300 TS-Ford
M-301 SS-Ford

Cross Country Series
M-382 DS-340hp Freightliner
M-383 FWS-340hp Freightliner
M-385 DS-340hp Freightliner
M-390 TS
M-405 FK
M-406 QS

Encounter Series
M-36 BH
M-36 KS
M-37 TZ

Freedom Express Series
M-21 QB Chevrolet
M-26 SO Ford
M-26 SO Chevrolet
M-27 RS Ford
M-27 RS Chevrolet
M-31 SS Ford
M-31 IS Ford

Freelander Series
M-2130 QB-Chevrolet
M-2230 RK-Chevrolet
M-2600 SO-Ford
M-2600 SO-Chevrolet
M-2700 RS-Ford
M-2700 RS-Chevrolet
M-2890 QB-Chevrolet
M-2890 QB-Ford
M-3130 IS-Ford
M-3150 SS-Ford

Leprechaun Series
M-320 DS-Ford
M-318 DS-Ford

Mirada Series
M-29 QB
M-29 DS
M-310 DS-Ford
M-32 DS
M-34 BH
M-350 DS-Ford
M-355 TS-Ford
M-35 DS

Prism Series
M-220 Freightliner
M-230 Freightliner

Sportcoach Pathfinder Series
M-385 DS
M-390 TS
M-384 TS-340hp Freightliner
M-386 QS-340hp Freightliner
M-405 FK-340hp Freightliner
M-406 QS

Sportscoach Elite Series
M-40 QIK-360hp Freightliner
M-40 QS2-360hp Freightliner
M-40 QS-360hp Freightliner

Sportscoach Legend Series
M-500 TG 500hp Freightliner

Travel Trailers

Adrenaline Blast Toy Hauler Series
M-150 MPH
M-170 MPH
M-210 MPH
M-210 MPH PP
M-250 MPH
M-280 MPH

Adrenaline Surge Toy Hauler Series
M-21 FK
M-23 FS
M-26 FS
M-29 FIB

Captiva Series
M-242 RBQS
M-247 TBQ
M-265 RKS
M-271 DS
M-281 DSB
M-295 RKS
M-290 BHS
M-280 RLS
M-288 FKS
M-291 QBS

Spirit of America Series
M-17 RD SE
M-20 RD SE
M-19 FL SE
M-24 RB SE
M-24 TB SE
M-24 TBQ
M-26 RKS
M-28 DSB
M-26 DB SE
M-27 RBS
M-29 RKS
M-29 BHS
M-28 FKS
M-29 QBS
M-30 RLS
M-39 DSB
M-40 DSB
M-38 DSB

Camping Trailers

Clipper Series

5th Wheel

Adrenaline Surge Toy Hauler Series
M-30 QB

Chaparral Lite Series
M-267 RLS
M-268 RLE
M-270 RKS
M-298 RBS

Chaparral Series
M-278 DS
M-299 TSB
M-322 RLTS
M-331 RLTS
M-340 QBS

Wyoming Series
M-332 RLTS
M-335 RETS
M-362 SIQS
M-364 SIQS
M-338 RLQS

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