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Expedition RV covers now feature MARINEX Marine Grade Waterproof Roof made of woven boat cover fabric for improved performance and longer life. Expedition RV covers outperform plastic Tyvek tops in terms of breathability and longevity. Every RV owner knows that moisture can do major damage to an RV. With Expedition RV cover’s Marinex top you, get great protection from rain, dirt, UV rays and heat all with superior breathability. This means that if your RV starts to build up moisture under the cover it can evaporate and escape. This is not always the case with heavily coated, polypropylene or plastic based covers.


A Travel Trailer has rigid sides and is designed to be towed by larger vehicles with a frame hitch or bumper. Travel Trailers are also known in Britain as "caravans." Travel Trailers come in a wide variety of sizes that offer affordable home-style amenities.


Class B RVs are built using a standard van with a raised roof. Frequently, the rear of the vehicle is replaced by a Coach Built body style. Class B motorhomes are built on many different styles of chassis depending on the manufacturer and design.


Class C RVs are built on a truck chassis with an attached cab, which is usually van-based. These small motorhomes are often based on the Ford E450 cab’s chassis and engine, but Chevy and Dodge are also popular styles. Class C RVs can be identified by a distinctive cab-over profile that contains a bed or spacious area called an "entertainment" section. These RVs are easy to park/store due to their size.


Fifth Wheel Trailers are designed to be towed by a truck equipped with a specialty hitch called a "fifth wheel coupling." The trailer body extends partially over the truck bed making for a compact, snug-fitting RV/trailer that can be towed easily by midsized trucks. Larger 5th Wheel Trailers 40 feet + are typically pulled by small semi-trucks or even 18 wheelers, depending on trailer weight.



Toy Haulers, sometimes called sport utility RVs, are suitably named since it’s an RV vehicle to haul your outdoor toys and gear. Toy Haulers also accommodate living space. Toy Haulers are Travel Trailers, Class A motor homes or 5th Wheel Trailers designed to be partial living areas and partial garages for storing recreational vehicles like ATVs and motorcycles. Designed with a large cargo area/garage, Toy Haulers have special heavy-duty doors that double as ramps for loading gear.


  • Strong semi-custom fit – 2 foot increment sizing
  • Marinex marine grade waterproof fabric roof
  • Treated with Durapel UV sun and rain inhibitor to prevent material aging
  • Micro-porous film allows superior breathability to prevent rot and mildew
  • Easy access zippered panels with anti-scratch sleeves for all entry points
  • Heavy-duty reinforced corners
  • Front and rear elastic hems ensure a snug custom fit
  • Sewn-in dual flow Vortex Vents promote circulation
  • Marine-grade XT straps with quick-release buckles
  • Adjustable rear and side tension flags removes unwanted slack
  • Anti-hit reflective strips provide added safety at night
  • Includes ladder cap and reinforcement patches


Trapped moisture typically leads to mildew, mold and rot, causing major damage. Expedition RV covers feature Marinex fabric that was developed specifically for the marine outdoor cover environment, has withstood rigorous stress testing and meets strict quality guidelines. This makes it an ideal choice for the rooftop material the Expedition RV cover. A perfect blend of waterproof, breathable and durable, Marinex will give you the protection and performance you need for the most critical part of your cover - the roof.

Marinex is engineered to outperform any polypropylene or plastic roof material. Expedition RV cover’s Marinex fabric has been tested in an independent lab according to ASTM standards and is rated as "Excellent" in UV-Protection. The Expedition RV cover blocks 98.5% of UV-A and 99.8% of UV-B rays which can cause significant damage to your RV. Warp and Weft tensile strength are also tested according to ASTM standards to ensure that the fabric doesn't fail at high stress wear points, and can withstand the weight of the sides of the cover pulling downward in extreme weather conditions such as wet and wind.


We tried the Expedition cover on several different RVs and confirmed that the material feels just as nice and strong as the manufacturer claims. (Much nicer than covers with the plastic top) The fit is very snug and it's easy to get the cover tight using the strap system at the front. It's also convenient to have zippers around the cover that allow easy access in and out of the RV without ever having to take the cover off. We used to carry other covers that are not as strong but the Expedition really is a great cover for the price!

-Happy Shopping from The NDC Team

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